20170430 - ADC


  1. Testing the ADC08200
  2. Offseting the signal
  3. Processing data and FFT'ing
  4. Checking the power use of the modules at large
  5. Next steps

1. Testing the ADC08200

Just testing if we can get the noise if we listen to the Ground

and getting some info/data

2. Offsetting

The idea is to shift the signal from baseline to an average of 3.3/2V

Here, it's a bit bad.

Using a OP37G.

3. Processing the data

First acquisitions with the ADC08200

It should be looking like that:

And when FFT is applied

4. Checking the power use

First stats

That's 5.1V and ...

  • 273 mA with OneEye, Tobo, Goblin, Croaker, Oled
  • 290 mA with OneEye, Tobo, Goblin, Croaker, Oled and the offset module
  • 390 mA with all of this + the raspberry

Using with the raspberry powered outside

A simple piezo plugged onto the pulser

  • Using: 5.1V et 278mA

Using a raspberry on the board

  • Using: 5.1V et 418mA

5. Next steps & challenges


Later on

  • [CANCELLED] !! Do a small PCB for the offsetter
    • Offset by 3.3V/2
    • Gain between 0.5 and 2 with a settable potentiometer
  • Check the control of the pulser by the RPi: control sequence through the ADC module
  • Check if the speed of ADC acquisition can be higher

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