What is this project?

This project has a specific target of providing a low-cost, open source technological kit to allow scientists, academics, hackers, makers or OSHW fans to hack their way to ultrasound imaging - below 500$ - at home, with no specific equipment required. For complementary sources of information, you can visit:

Disclaimer: though an engineer, this project is the first of its sort, I never did something related. Bear with us, and the discovery process, but I'm happy to learn on the way =)

Disclaimer #2: ultrasound raises questions. In case you build a scanner, use caution and good sense!

Disclaimer #3: Beware! Though I am one of echopen's cofounders, this personnal pet-project lives in the echopen community, and is not a project in the scope of the echopen's association.

What are the arduino-like ultrasound module ?

Creating modules to facilitate ultrasound hacking : the principles of the echOmods is to enable a full chain of ultrasound image processing and hardware control.

We have chosen to use a module approach to make sure that each key component inside ultrasound image processing can easily be replaced and compared with another module, while providing logical logic blocks and corresponding interfaces for these modules to communicate. There's a module for high-voltage pulsing, one for the transducer, one for the analog processing, one for data acquisiton, ... and many more!

What images does it give ?

What does it look like?

The modules sit on a breadboard, and communicate through the tracks laying below. The configuration represented below show the Basic dev kit.

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