What are the arduino-like ultrasound module ?

Creating modules to facilitate ultrasound hacking : the principles of the echOmods is to enable a full chain of ultrasound image processing and hardware control.

We have chosen to use a module approach to make sure that each key component inside ultrasound image processing can easily be replaced and compared with another module, while providing logical logic blocks and corresponding interfaces for these modules to communicate. There's a module for high-voltage pulsing, one for the transducer, one for the analog processing, one for data acquisiton, ... and many more!

What images does it give ?

What does it look like?

The modules sit on a breadboard, and communicate through the tracks laying below. The configuration represented below show the Basic dev kit.

and used in a wider context:

What does it cost?

echOmods emulated

uC pings emulator and streams feedback

Total cost of the set: 229$

Wireless Dev Kit

The default setting for the sets

Total cost of the set: 389$

Raspberry Dev Kit

Using a simpler linux-enabled controler (the all-powerful Pi in its RPi 0 or Pi W) for the dev kit. Cost of materials aims at being as low as possible, below the 500$.

  • Simply the servo and transducer module (cletus) -- get for 80$ (Where? Recycling a transducer from ebay, servo from anywhere (Amazon?))
  • The Pi Heart of the echOmods (tomtom) -- get for 10$ (Where? Get the Pi W from plenty of sources)
  • Using a dual ADC raspberry pHAT for 20Msps+ acquisition (elmo) -- get for 99$ (Where? OSHPark, MacroFab, Tindie)
  • Goblin: a TGC-Envelop-ADC module (goblin) -- get for 149$ (Where? Custom made, get the Gerbers, or buy it preassembled on Tindie, or contact @kelu124)
  • Tobo: the HV-pulser (tobo) -- get for 120$ (Where? Custom made, get the Gerbers, buy it preassembled on tindie or contact @kelu124)

Total cost of the set: 458$

The Beaglebone version, along with an hacked probe

Some stuff, unexpensive to buy, to build a ultrasound testing kit, totalling less than 500$.

Total cost of the set: 443$

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