Automating most of the documentation


  • Probes
    • Experiments
    • Pictures
    • Name of probe is an extension of the modules
  • Pictures can store information that can be reused. This info can contain
    • Author
    • Experiment
    • Modules
    • Description
    • Type of picture
  • Contributors have a dedicated folder
    • Name
    • Pictures
    • Experiments
  • Experiments


  • *.tpl type ->
  • @todo lines in a text are parsed and set into a todo list
  • All ExperimentNumber go into the experiment folder
    • All Experiment folder having Readme's get into the descripton of the readme
  • Probes are listed as modules, as in the list defined


What goes inside ?

  • Gitbook is created from the file
    • List of experiments gets included in the Summary
    • List of probes gets included in the Summary
    • List of python Jupyter notebooks

Inputting Jupyter Notebook's into the Gitbook

The trick is to convert all Notebooks to MD files, and have those included in the summary of the GitBook. The script is here.


Contributors who have shared something are added the /include/community/ folder.

It also enables the creation of the map of the place of contributors.

Logs created

All files properties are kept in this JSON:

Experiments descriptions

  • Description of experiments: this is where the experiments short names are listed. It can help identify what experiment is what.
  • Description of probes: likewise, codenames of the probes are set here, and corresponding resources within the repo are listed.

Stats from articles and hackaday are added to the stats

Other includes

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