The motherboard of the echomods

What does it look like?


What is it supposed to do?

Getting a motherboard: that's fitting all the modules in an easy way, with an easy access to all tracks. See this for the Kicad files.

How does it work: block diagram

About the module


  • Half of a A4 sheet .. that's the target!


  • Maybe can introduce noise.

Constraint and limits

v1.0: Initial design

As in mind

Now with the actual modules

v1.1: Adding new modules



v1.2: PCB

With the OSHPark PCB, coming from the brief.

v2.0: A clean PCB for rasbperry




  • PCB on OSHPark
  • Having the list of strips accessible
  • Design
  • Change the viewme
  • Assemble it
  • Test it
  • Adapt power supply from v2 - smaller board footprint
  • Add a level shifter been Pon 3.3 and 5 and Poff 3.3 and 5
  • A bit more space around the Pi0/PiW headers
  • Proper silkscreening around the Pi0 headers (they are reversed)
  • Jumper for the ADC in.. and selector (enveloppe and amplified signal) (either to Feather or to ADC .. and dedicated pin on Rpi)
  • SPI from RPi to Oled... or SPI to screen (to be checked in both case) .. or both kept, there are two SPI


  • Kelu124

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