2016-12-17 -- Lab Log

Aim of the work

  • Test the (lower-speed) acquisition using an arduino's ADC (~2Msps), which also streams over wifi, over UDP.
  • Build and test a very basic, yet accurate, phantom


The classical one. Using the pulser module, analog processing module, and a arduino-like to capture and stream the data. Piezo moved by a servo (module).



Capturing data

Script used were:

  • nc -lu 5005 > 20161217-222737.data -- to acquire the raw data streamed by the arduino on port 5005
  • python CreateCSV2.py 20161217-222737.data -- using the CreateCSV2 script to generate proper data using the good format from the raw data file. This was later consolidated in a single image.

Raw images

Acquisition of 4 images

Presented non scan converted

Comparison of raw images to the phantom

Preparing the image

I aggregated the 4 images in one image with the rebuild script which yielded

and scan converted it:


  • The acquisition is not too bad, even using an arduino
  • The servo may be the limiting element in terms of lateral resolution
    • the breadboard pitch is 0.1 inch, 2.54mm. We resolve this.
  • There is an issue with repetition echoes: it may be worth waiting more than 300us between shooting lines.

Next steps

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