Testing hp2121 20181013a


  • Head is a bit sticky, but cleanable and clean
  • Small buble inside = no need to refill the head
  • limited number of pins... with a connector with screws. Opened:
    • 3 sets of coax
    • 1 pair of black/white cables
    • Few cables for an EEPROM

Test by multimeter

  • 3 pairs of coax : low impedance: 3 piezos?
  • Test with a set of modules: only yellow cable
  • Impedance between black and white cables is that of a motor. To try. 5V applied shift the piezo.

Test of motor

  • Using still KretzControl
  • Using M1 at high for slowing down. 50ms period (20fps).

Really curious to get to know the motors inside

Automated list of supporting files for the experiment 20181013a

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