Raw worklog




  • Tamagotchi hive in a probe?
  • Thinking about the smile on the silkscreen. EO+OH+PI+Pirate?


  • Thinking of deadlines
  • PHH/BM discussions

    • Rather be going onto SPI : QuadSPI ?
    • LTC5507ES6 to filter ? A rajouter!
    • Better ADC at LTC2315-12
    • DAC: a simple DAC i2c
  • Pro/Cons of a shield compared to FPGA/microcontrolleur




  • New ADCs in mind ADS803E LTC2315-12
  • Orange Pi Plus 2 : A nasty little thing
  • BBB as always coming mostly from element14 Some limits - not exploiting all ? http://exploringbeaglebone.com/chapter13/#The_ADS7883_Single-Channel_12-bit_ADC_1MSps_max SPI speed with BBB : http://fr.mathworks.com/help/supportpkg/beagleboneio/ug/use-the-beaglebone-black-spi-interface-to-connect-to-a-device.html (up to 32MHz) - which is
  • 16 bits : is it possible to set all 16 pins on pru0 as inputs? I saw you mentioned something about disabling the microSD functionality on the BB to get access to all 16 pins, but I wasn't exactly sure how. -- heartofasquid I thought the PRUs had a 16bit parallel capture mode or are all the pins not available on the BBB? (need to consult the docs) section of the tech ref spruh73c.pdf One thought I had was to use both PRUs to capture alternate bytes/words but that was just a thought, again are all the pins available? I'd made a mistake, it looks like all of PRU0's GPI pins may be available, if we are happy to lose the microSD (no big loss - there are other ways to get data in/out of the BBB). So, we can theoretically get high-res captures up to about 15bits, if we need 1 pin for the clock.



  • Call/Chat Emmanuel - electronic board - 2 months is what he'd expect
  • Discussion S - review of scope / finetuning signals
    • Necessity at 100V to separate HV to avoid interferences / noise
    • Remark: using PRUs, we can go up to 50MHz (at least) from the ADC
  • Validation of parallel ADC
  • Mapping the Shield knowledge graph
  • Followup MIC


  • Reflexions on documentation coming from this presentation on OSH
  • 5Msps - Parallel - PRU up to 12 bits - can go further than 5Msps (SOA)
  • Buffer has to come (no, not the buffer app - real world buffer)
  • Thinking as well on architecture Motor + transducer + top in the probe Board + BBB (Node.js still..) * Output (if necessary)


  • Busy business day
  • Usual monday meeting awesome progress on mech part. Seems robust, small, ... need to follow the power usage of POLULU ^^
  • What about a webcam video format? * WebRTC - awesome stuff at https://rtc.io/ for nodejs + webrtc




  • Update the Culture repertory in our drive :p
  • Piezo suppliers on their way
  • Mapping the DITSO resources - update
  • Apero !


  • GP1A57HRJ00F // photo interrupter
  • Server for again 3 days...


  • Holocracy progress
  • Comments from S: problems with HV system


  • First elements from A - first draft (pdf file).



  • S has started, on it





2015-12-29 Some ada news




  • Did automatic backup for the wiki, for the migration - yeahhh
  • Smartassthoughts
    • The absence of deal-breaking flaws is more important than the presence of any extras. You don’t need anything special to succeed. You just need to do the essentials properly.
    • Power is like being a lady… if you have to tell people you are, you aren’t. -- MT
  • FTS
  • Don't forget spider jerusalem's example - bards, journalists, and a merry cacophonic 2016


  • Trial on PCBCart
  • Render of the Murgen 1.0 board


  • Small adjustments from the questions raised by PCBCart


  • Completed the S project -- CLOSED ;)
  • The A project is ongoing


  • Kelu124 back in France


  • Boards:
    • Confirmation that Seeedstudio does not ship out of north america
    • Getting other options and quotes from Advanced Circuits, Macrofab (awesome interface), PCB Pool.
  • Need for a filter to get be sure , there's a low frequency component that remains: to remove- and to center around 0V ?

Let's cut it to 500kHz ?

  • For headers, we have
    • 12 input pins on P8 for PRU1 and 1 input pin for PRU1 on P9, these have been assigned for 12bitADC+Clock and the rest,
    • SPI for DAC,
    • Buffer enable and motor control have been assigned to PRU0.
  • For the controls in prototyping:
    • SW1 controls the gain range for TGC
    • SW2 controls the input range of the ADC,
  • Updating the blog as well, integration of disqus


  • disqus working
  • creating something on makake.. but seems bugged at the moment
  • list of components on the blog
  • discussions with edgeflex (thanks flylabs!) and macrofab (fun, and willing to test a 4 layer project in beta - only working in 2 layers so far)
  • work with S to integrate a high pass filter (1MHz+) following the echo on Jerome's hand
  • Follow up with Charles
    • working on the RP with a student
    • exploring collaborations

2016-01-18 Testing stuff


  • Slight tweak of the budgetting for engineering a probe :) we have this GDoc


  • What about having a µC ( PIC24FJ128GC010 ?) right after the analog part - could be an additional board/cape stacked below (so with microcontrolleur and alimentation)
    • it would stream data like a wifi camera
    • receives the ping from the motor controleur
  • should we be ordering SMD stuff (flux, fer à souder, soufflerie?) - seems an idea
  • Creation des modules !

2016-01-21 Site changed

  • Changed WP template to something more readable
  • Post on HN .. even went 2nd :)
  • Awesome work from Farad


2016-01-23 On Oreilly

2016-01-24 Datasheets on Murgen

  • added datasheets
  • @done : think about a USB/BT/... output for the board - see matty
  • Output ? What format? USB - but I'd rather have wireless ? Wi-Fi Direct promises device-to-device transfer speeds of up to 250Mbps

2016-01-25 Tobo gets born

2016-01-27 Releases on GH

2016-01-29 Versionning

2016-02-13 Release of Gob

  • Lots under way..

      • Required : we need to sit with electronics experts to check how Murgen, Tobo, Goblin, and Mira can merge - for a modular board - ideally as easy as possible to use!
  • IDEA: capelec!
  • Need also to push Goblin's files on the repo. Those are made with Eagle, not Altium, so a bit less options, but still interesting to see how to work with those files =)

2016-02-15 Lit review

Was about time I got some serious litterature review :)

Some others

  • Integrating hardware and software for the development of microcontroller-based systems
  • IDEA: Design of a USB based multichannel, low cost data acquisition system using PIC microcontroller

2016-02-16 Jatin work

  • Waiting for the board ;)
  • Awesome work : Development of a wide band front end echo sounder receiver circuit by Jatin Sharma ( definitely need to contact him)

2016-02-17 Steppers

2016-02-18 Reads and random stuff

2016-02-19 Dispalys

2016-02-22 FPGA interface

  • IDEA : interfacing murgen with a FPGA ? Solution here : store.hackaday.com/products/xula2-lx9
  • IDEA: doing a probe emulator? Signal generation upon a pulse transmitted : a physical emulator for the probe head =)

2016-02-23 passphrase whats thats

  • Passphrase.io seems interesting =)

2016-02-24 Wifi and ESP8266

2016-02-25 Shorts

  • Boards reached: issue with the 5V and GND - shortage

2016-02-26 More about shorts

  • Further tests. Shortage still exists.
    • Short is not on the PCB. Appears after solder.
  • Found that the RECOM component was designed to be upside down -- need to resolder it. Luckily it was a via component.
    • This would not be the source of the short anyhow.
    • EF recommends that we burn 10A on the 5V plane to see which component would burn.. hmm i'm quite shy to do this :p
  • Documenting the issue on github.
  • Sending back boards to EF.

2016-02-28 Admin reports

  • Starting the interim report.

2016-02-29 Short source

  • Found the source of the short, ADL5511, 5V and GND inverted...
    • TODO : amend the altium files to correct the ADL5511 and the RECOM tracks
  • TODO : sampling freq to be documented

2016-03-01 Boards sent back

  • Sending back the boards

2016-03-03 Digging into BBB

2016-03-04 Tests of the boards

  • Testing the board on the morning

## 2016-03-06 Hacking on hackaday

2016-03-07 Diverse stuff

2016-03-08 HV7360 how to use it

  • GSCholar pour HV7360 (to solve the issues) : 10.1109/ULTSYM.2015.0140
  • HV7361 : Sharma
  • TODO
    • Pulser: integrer un schema sur le readme de murgen
    • VPE est a 5V sur notre board - 3.3 en typical. Logique à remonter?
    • Add a resistance in parallel of the transducer?
  • Damn!! The alimentation voltage was low... because it takes 6.5V to 12V! Will need to put 9V in through the thermal printer alimentation

2016-03-11 Pulsing and al

  • Session 2 : Non-controlled pulsing, inverters, better echoes

2016-03-14 First echoes

  • Starting to get echoes

2016-03-15 Controlled pulsing

  • Session 3 : Getting controlled pulsing, but width not controlled

2016-03-18 Charles gets in action

  • Sending his board to prof Charles

2016-03-19 Testing with a transducer

  • Session 4 & 4b
    • Testing the board with the transducer
    • Testing with the BitScope

2016-03-20 Getting the first images

  • Getting the image!
    • Assembling everything
    • Coding in python
    • Thanks bitscope

2016-03-21 Doc again on HAD

  • Doc
  • Modular design in on with Benoit ! Let's check with Sofian
  • TODO:using SPI on the board
    • plugging a SPI
    • pluging the pulseroff in the buffer part?
  • TODO:logo of murgen in vector

2016-03-22 Questions and asso

2016-03-23 Challenge page created

  • A challenge page was created
    • working on modules =)
    • thinking of the motherboard (contribution of benoit)
    • Enveloppe detection

2016-03-24 Demoing day

  • AOP (high speed 420MHz) THS3001 (Amit)
  • TODO:
    • MFab - plan
  • Presentations tonight!
  • Getting good echoes with the TGC maxed!
  • Playing with bitscope / issue from the noise / usb plugin got !

2016-03-29 Noise and noise

2016-03-31 First phantoms

  • Doing some new fantoms
  • Receiving the AFORP's guys

2016-04-01 Pulses with pi

2016-04-03 Cleaning first images

  • Cleaning the acquired images
  • 4T scan conversion algo OK and working


  • TODO: creer les liens sur le software/readme vers les fichiers sources


2016-04-08 Nice reads and al

Nice reading =)

  • Basecamp outlines their goals -- which they say have always been the same -- on their website:
    • Have fun
    • Do exceptional work
    • Build the best product in the business
    • Experiment
    • Pay attention to the details
    • Treat people right
    • Tell the truth
    • Have a positive impact on the world around us
    • Give back
    • Keep learning.
  • "We’re also big believers in business 101. We don’t spend more than we earn, we don’t waste money on things that don’t matter, we don’t give away everything for free and hope we’ll figure it out before we run out of cash. We’re in business to stay in business, and we have 15 profitable years in a row to back it up."

2016-04-09 Some reads about PRUs

Some reads on PRUs:

2016-04-11 Microcontrollers choices

Choice of a uC: "le boulot des microcontrollers, ce qui me gene sur l'espruino c'est le manque de sortie wifi - si on veut sortir des donnees en wireless." Deux choix se profilent

  • WICED : STM32F205RG 120MHz ARM Cortex M3 MCU : 17 timers et 3 × 12-bit, 0.5 μs ADCs with up to 24 channels and up to 6 MSPS in triple interleaved mode, 8- to 14-bit parallel camera interface (48 Mbyte/s max.)
  • Le WifiMCU : EMW3165 : M4: STM32F411CE @100MHz, DSP+FPU, 1×12-bit, 2.4 MSPS A/D converter -- Ce qui me fait peur est un WifiMCU de base en LUA, a voir comment repasser sur du plus bas niveau. L'avantage par contre c'est qu'il est dispo chez hackspark, et coute 18€ au lieu des 35$ du WICED =)

Remarques : Avec le M3 tu perds les instructions DSP et un FPU optionnel (cf https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARM_Cortex-M). Par contre je ne sais pas si c'est correctement exploite, ni si on en a vraiment besoin.

Il y a aussi le Module Particle "Photon" http://www.lextronic.fr/P37394-module-particle-photon.html (M3 120 MHz et wifi) ou l'Arietta http://www.lextronic.fr/P32050-module-microcontrole-arietta-g25.html

  • Apparament module ferme

Worklog -- Starting April 5th 2016

2016-04-05 Captech

  • Validation of the approach by the Captech

2016-04-08 Tracks of interest

  • Validation of tracks of interest

2016-04-15 Tracks

  • Validation of tracks and their orders
  • Alexandr

2016-04-16 uC

2016-04-17 PCB

  • Getting a first design for the pulser module


2016-04-18 ADL5511

  • Playing a bit with ADL5511 : there's an EREF
  • We use offset remover (suiveur + gain de 2.5), and second op will do amplification, cause envelope output swing is saturated at 1.2-1.3V, We can use 2..2,5 gain to deliver nice and neat 2,6 ..3V input swing for ADC.

2016-04-20 Modules

Previous Generation

  • Murgen : the annalist.. already done, a former project !

Current batch

  • Goblin: the analog heart, was drafted as well during Murgen.
  • Tobo: the HV/pulser, based on a drafted close to Murgen.
  • One-Eye: MicroControler - Arduinos
  • Mogaba: Alimentation

Second generation of fun! Learning microcontrolers and advanced simulations

  • Croaker: M3/M4 microcontroler
  • Silent : physical emulateur

2016-04-23 Servos

2016-04-24 Maintainers

  • Starting to document Tobo
  • Reading "Maintaining Open Source Projects" by Tute Costa : A project maintainer should feel comfortable shaping the community, promoting the library, keeping good communication with different people, deciding when to release new versions, and prioritizing all these tasks.
  • Getting a TL-MR3040 TP-Link for a project PirateBox (an echObox ?)
  • 2016 strategy being done

2016-04-25 Working IRL and motivation

I define Real Work as

  • Work that creates an immediate and positive change in your product/service
  • Work that is a direct constraint to the completion of A
  • Work you have been uniquely hired to do.

2016-04-26 Motivation

"I am not a visionary, I'm an engineer," Torvalds says. "I'm perfectly happy with all the people who are walking around and just staring at the clouds ... but I'm looking at the ground, and I want to fix the pothole that's right in front of me before I fall in."

2016-04-27 Documenting

  • Meetings (virginie)
  • Doc of modules : https://github.com/kelu124/echomods/
  • Preparation of Testing tools for the doc
  • Materials : some awesome resources : Il existe des tables sur les plastiques (http://www.ondacorp.com/images/Plastics.pdf) et autres caoutchoucs (http://www.ondacorp.com/images/Rubbers.pdf ) mais rien de concluant (ref, eau a 1.5MRayl). Il y a des choses comme le Polyurethane, RP-6400, a voir.
  • Documentation echomods
  • Premier module OK : (HV, + pulser) sources publiees (same github), fab-ready, quasi documente
  • Deuxieme module OK : (TGC, Enveloppe, ADC) sources publiees (same github), fab-ready, documentation en cours

2016-04-30 MBTI and DDS

2016-04-29 Some stuff

Fun to read

2016-04-30 Graphs

2016-05-01 A bit of work

2016-05-02 What

2016-05-03 Max Hold Reset

2016-05-04 May the fourth

2016-05-07 Websocket

2016-05-10 KiCAD

2016-05-14 Work in Indonesia

  • Off to Jakarta =)
  • Next prios : Feather and ESP8266

2016-05-23 Transducers

  • Restarting work with transducer and boards makers, Jan and Jerome

2016-05-24 RPi

2016-05-25 Markdown and downs

2016-05-27 Partenariats

  • Exploring the partnerships with J&J

2016-05-30 ESP and such

2016-05-31 Hackaday fun

  • Redirection de visiteurs de Hackaday vers nos ressources
  • Reflexion sur l'EMW3165 -- 8$, ADC à 2.4Msps, WiFi.
  • Extraction de la connaissance à partir du BC3: petit souci, le contenu BC3 ne semble pas exportable (pas de dump possible comme avec BC2), et n'a pas d'API d'integration.
  • Petit truc sympa, mais pas encore sorti : un SoC pour le RPi : https://hackaday.io/project/11981-rppsoc-system-on-a-chip-for-the-raspberry-pi
  • Pas possible de créeer le Wall of Contributors, tjrs ce probleme de reset de mot de passe, aucun email n'arrive.
  • TODO: réorganiser les Readme entre echomods et medicotechnical et leur prod automatisée =)
  • EMW3165 : "All I see is an under 8 USD STM32F411CE dev board with some wifi gadget" ( http://www.emw3165.com/ )

2016-06-02 Some awesome OSH for medical issues

An endoscope pill

What about XRays?

And CT Scanners?

and MRI ?

and *CG ?

2016-06-04 Learning more on STM32

2016-06-06 Weekly monday

  • Weekly meeting at the HD
  • Prof Charles and Zach start playing with Murgen, so I'm starting to experiment with Jekyll for murgen on the corresponding Github murgen page

2016-06-07 Hall of fame

2016-06-08 Zach

Some research on DACs:


2016-06-09 Week end !

And nothing.

2016-06-13 News

  • Moving forward with Zach
  • Creating a 8 bit R2R resistor ladder

2016-06-14 Super hacks!

  • Discussion engaged with Muth (et son pi-print) for a thermal printer addon
  • This hack of a eink display is awesome. Hacking a STM32F103ZE and plugging a ESP8266
  • Working on CSV images library for images using the CSV+dict format

2016-06-17 Printing and budgets

Shopping à faire: 1000$ = 840€

  • RPi0 : 42€
  • Lulu - book on opensource projects : 17€
  • Work on EMW3165: 230€
  • Transducteur : 150€
  • Matos en rab EdgeF: (125€)*3/4
  • Deux modules echomods : 110+140 (-125/4)€
  • Reste: 101€ for contigencies + SMA cables + matos (bois)


2016-06-19 Hmm

  • Followup with Zach
  • Ping Michael T
  • Ping Edgeflex: quid microcircuits

Beaglebone black : Max SPI 32MHz

Available probes, one of which being a 10PV:

2016-06-21 Financing

2016-06-22 Slides, and VDB

2016-06-24 Mechathon

2016-06-27 Nothing new

  • Discussion with NF@V -- interesting. Could be partnering for some cool ideas. Vets, hackers. Maybe soon for docs.
  • Has contacts with electronics experts
  • Tests of transducers by Jerome

Some ideas on RPi and SPI:

2016-06-30 Recycler un minitel

Pour recycler un Minitel, ca se passe la

2016-06-30 New probes et al

Deux sondes d'occasions assez sympa pour démontage et analyse (mécanique / materiaux / piezos):

IA and US:

2016-07-01 Meeting with Nicolas

  • Terribly instructive. Lots to learn.

2016-07-02 Strategy

  • Just doing it!
  • Key learning: will be having fun soon =)

2016-07-03 Playing with a trifrequency probe

2016-07-04 Meeting

2016-07-05 RTL-SDR

  • Bivi's playing with RTL-SDR.. a simple short and one can get to the 0-30MHz, without any upverter. Fun. To explore.

2016-07-06 Making progress with EMW3165

  • With the help of Igor, preparing a UDP server of EMW3165 and getting a throughput of 9Mbit/s on average.
  • Getting one of the modules
  • Requesting Nicolas' help on getting HV7360LA (fab's suppliers are lost)
  • Thinking of the overall structure of the maker kit. I need a wooden box and an aquarium (plexiglass, glue = solvent cement)
  • Review of the HAD budget (probe, transducer, fab, et al?). Some euros may be saved.

2016-07-08 ATL Probes, ebay & WiFi

Other ATL Probes:

The ATL manual is available at : http://photos.medwrench.com/equipmentManuals/4692-2615.pdf (see copy in the 10PV folder)

2016-07-09 Goblin works !

2016-07-10 Should be doing some queries on Alibaba..

  • TODO: Getting samples and suppliers ?

2016-07-11 Getting a first transducer

  • Got and paid for a SM heavy backing transducer. Now, let's find what servo to use.
  • TODO: servo + transducer + mounting platform

2016-07-13 Some new stuff

2016-07-15 Playing at the lab

  1. Cleaning a signal with Goblin : done. The second log, with this time a new energy supply, gives a really beautiful outcome. Lesson: don't put 18V in a 3.3 and 5V regulator =) See the results here.

  2. Playign with an ATL Access 3. Getting nice echoes... of 1.3V, even not using the full gain (60%) and the full pulser voltage on Murgen. See the logs here. Was some work with the oil refill =)

2016-07-17 ATL probes

  • Finding more about ATL probes - with a list of probes, and trying to find back the pins!
  • TODO: Presentation on Goblin's module

2016-07-18 Some goodies

2016-07-19 Plenty of stuff

BBB->Baptiste Pierrat->FastPRU->UpTo3Msps


Base sonde

  • Finir de remplir d'huile la sonde
  • Tester les connections du BBB, déterminer les masses, surtout trouver le moteur
  • Faire des acquisitions a full speed avec Murgen+Bitscope


  • Tester le SPI avec BBB (Baptiste Pierrat)
  • Si ca marche, tenter de controler Moteur + Pulser avec BBB

2016-07-20 Murgen on the way for the second prize!

2016-07-21 Next steps

2016-07-27 Apres Avignon

Yeayyy! Beagleboard fondation tweeted about Murgen -- that's driving traffic to github =)

High speed acquisition


Slow Acquisition

  • tobo/goblin+cletus+BBB to drive the goblin ADC
  • tobo/goblin+cletus+hannin to wirelessly stream

I decided the emulation was going to be necessary to avoid playing all the time with piezos. It appears Teensy 3.2 can handle that.

Choice of the servo:

More stuff about Phantoms: http://meritus.kopernika.pl/homemade-tastes-better/

And ... working on the 2016 Summer presentation.

2016-08-02 Last week, after a week holiday

  • Working on the milestone presentation.
  • Received a 12V alim, the PRUDAQ, and pushed the issue with Silent onto github. Ongoing !

2016-08-04 Soon off

2016-08-08 First day

  • Received tobo !! yeayyy
  • Playing with Doj and assembling the board (tobo, goblin, oneeye and mogaba). Should be enough to get first images.
  • power seems OK, first pulses look nice
  • Todo: test with my transducer for Cletus, and with ATL3
  • Thanks to Virginie for her support on debugging Doj !!

2016-08-09 Moving forward

Roughly, all the modules are fine. Emulator is done and tested. Some tests today:

What the next steps are :

High priority:

  • Use PRUDAQ
    • Clip the signal between 0 and 2V
  • Get image from the retroATL3

Medium Priority:

  • Bitbang Goblin's SPI directly
  • Resume documentation

Low Priority:

  • EMW3165 to move forward
  • Cletus for Servo + Piezo (and mech parts) - using SmartMaterials piezos

2016-08-10 Simple things

  • Clipped the signal
  • Documentation ongoing
  • Received TFT+Servos

2016-08-11 Small FPGA

Awesome work: a FPGA on a RPi0 footprint

2016-08-14 Acquiring a first image

  • Read some on this page: got an image from a ATL3 probe, a small metal cube in water.
  • Leaving for holidays =)

2016-08-22 Back from holidays

2016-08-24 Finalizing the autodocumentation to gitbook

2016-08-26 Show and tell

  • Showing the documentation generation process on an apero at l'Hotel Dieu

2016-08-28 Sharp eye

  • Thanks to a question raised by a sharp-eye, I'm putting as a disclaimer that this project is not one supported by the echopen's association. Even if I'm a cofounder of echopen, this project is a personnal one, for the echopen community. Clarified with hackaday, not an issue for them wrt the prizes.

2016-08-29 Hey from Liberia

  • got contacted for a partnership to improve, build, and crowdsell a set of modules. Interesting!

2016-08-30 Some good news

  • Got some feedback of PRUDAQ's people on the doc, thanks to them for this contribution!
  • Zach's been back. Let's see what can be done.
  • Prof Charles is going to be in Paris: let's meet!
  • Been invited to speak at Hackaday's show for its prize on Nov 5th
  • Trying to get the latest HV7360 from MC.. seems difficult to say the least

2016-08-31 Habitat numerique





Do you work on an open source project with potential application for MRI or other related medical research and technology? We will also highlight early stage projects (prior to a stable release and documentation) in order to improve collaboration at that early stage. Let us know and contact us at [email protected].

Would you like to support an existing project with your skills and expertise? Or do you have any more questions? Contact us at [email protected].

Forums a pinger pour un kit?

2016-09-01 A ping from GroupGets

  • It’s not a surprise that our backers waste no time getting inventive. We were pleasantly surprised by a tweet to check out this novel application of PRUDAQ in a DIY Ultrasound Imaging Platform. source.
  • Need to find a way to clarify a CLA if forking this repo to somewhere else

2016-09-02 JOH

  • Thinking of preparing an article for the JOH (or HardwareX ?)

2016-09-03 Cheers Sandeep!

2016-09-07 Back in Paris!

  • Best hardware I've seen so far : Arduboy. Both a controler, a platform to play with, an arduino, ...

2016-09-08 AG of the assocation

  • Congrats @BiVi for the position ;)

2016-09-09 Random stuff as usual

2016-09-12 Thanks Adafruit

  • [Comm] : got cheers from Adafruit, check this link =)
  • Made some progress with a i2c 128x64 oled to debug the Feather ADC, using this elegant doc.
  • Getting up to 1Msps with the Feather.
  • @done: makedoc should include a link checker.. everything starting with ](https://github.com/kelu124/echomods/tree/master/ should be tested and checked if existing. That includes images.

2016-09-13 Stand alone echoes visualisation

  • Same, for today's date, at Feather.

2016-09-14 With a servo

  • That is done. Videos to come.
  • Missing: sending through UDP.

2016-09-16 Wifi

  • Connecting to wifi: done
  • Beers @Stalingrad, and chilling =)

2016-09-22 More speed for data acquisition and streaming

2016-09-23 Getting some raw images

  • Still this pulser issue, but the signal is correctly stored. More to download here. Captured through UDP streaming.

2016-09-27 Processing the raw images

  • Created the scripts to batch scan-convert and animate the images. More to see/download here
  • Hopes to get the STM32 go faster =)
  • Adding the croaker work to the gitbook .. and cleaning some remaining broken links during doc generation.

2016-10-02 VIdeo for hackaday contest

  • Done in halong bay

2016-10-20 Meeting and such

2016-10-21 Update of Tobo

  • The pulser module used a HV7360, which went from a LFGA to a CABGA. The gerbers were updated accordingly.

2016-10-22 End of week

  • Trouve au hasard : "One material with exceptional acoustic properties is TPX (polymethylpentene) [Westlake Plastics Company, Lenni, PA]. Pour une sonde à 35MHz, mais ca peut donner des pistes de suppliers. (Ref 10.1109/ULTSYM.2001.991996)
  • Article being written at https://gist.github.com/kelu124/af9e3b39b0ba8bed3bde250489635fa6
  • Onboarding Pouya =)

Next week:

  • @cancelled 6Msps on the STM32
  • @done Sourcing transducer (in cletus )
  • @done Sourcing materials + integration makefile par set
  • @done Compiler output

@perso : faire un eink tablet

2016-10-23 Geeking

2016-10-24 Geeking II

2016-10-25 Financing through ebooks

2016-10-26 Playing with a photon

2016-11-01 On Tindie

2016-11-03 Having fun with batteries

2016-11-05 State of the art

2016-11-15 Some lag, new job

Just started a new job 10 days back, so I lagged a bit. However, some news!

2016-11-20 Week end

2016-11-20 Terrible

Two awesome articles

  • Portable low cost ultrasound imaging system: M. Sobhani contacted =)
  • A low-cost high-fidelity ultrasound simulator with the inertial tracking of the probe pose

2016-12-01 arXiv

2016-12-06 Press review

  • Working on a press review, can be seen here
  • @done: AddPressReview to the main page here, and on the gitbook
  • @done: review the latex article on arXiv, especially with respect to references
  • Need to ping Jerome for the BGA update of HV7360
  • @done too:
    • Servo + Feather
    • Servo + BBB + enveloppe
    • Servo + ADC on board + RPi0
    • Servo + BBB + raw signal
    • BBB + probe
  • @done CERN !

2016-12-08 Connecting

  • Chatting with Gnusha

2016-12-11 Just moved in

Just moved in to the new flat! Exhausting =) Other interesting things:

2016-12-17 Breadboard phantom

  • Done some tests with a breadboard phantom: read more here.
  • Still moving in the new flat, getting accustomed to the new job.. and still need to sort the hacking tools in a limited space in the new flat =)
  • Interesting competition : Clarius got its approval. Also noted the SONON 300C.
  • Having fun with mapping a community using slack. On another repo.
  • Published some update on the ML.

2016-12-19 Adding devices

2016-12-26 Raw ideas

2016-12-29 Moving forward

  • Getting to think of the 20E-214 ones =)
  • Chat with 1Tech, and the guy Patrice. Motivating.
  • Trying to get some stuff from the arduino, namely to get it work as a server. Far from being finished, on it.

2017-01-02 Merry new year

2017-01-10 Heated debate on ultrasound prices

2017-01-10 Consolidating

“We do not grow absolutely, chronologically. We grow sometimes in one dimension, and not in another; unevenly. We grow partially. We are relative. We are mature in one realm, childish in another. The past, present, and future mingle and pull us backward, forward, or fix us in the present. We are made up of layers, cells, constellations.”

  • Presentation to ESPGG, participated to.
  • Hardware:
    • went to solder some stuff at HD
    • UltrasHound -- moving forward
    • Beaglebone PRUDAQ image added.
  • Added some details (better raw image quality) to the SigProc 101 jupyter notebook.
  • Interesting paper on Theory of Change.
  • Peter confirms the probe is on its way.
  • JOH article: first comments received. Harsh, but good to move forward! And adding a couple of images, better introduction, ...

2017-02-11 Diverse

2017-02-12 Diverse

2017-02-19 Update to Doj and such

  • Thinking about an update for a neat, silkcreened, well designed motherboard. Would be excellent for Altay, Felix and maybe
  • Been doing some progress about the HV - working with Lorena to get one on board. I'll have 2 pulsers, will ask for 3. In total I'll still be able to send to (Afreen/Felix/Altay) + one for the GroupGet friends. Would leave me with one.
  • Afreen still working on the feather, after contacting the PRUDAQ guys.
  • Get Felix on Slack?
  • Call scheduled with Fouad on tuesday
  • Making progress on 20e214 - control of the probe OK. Display remaining, then CSV saving.
  • Taking more time about the Slack bot: lower priority
  • Update by Tobey: he found a way to compare PDFs.

2017-03-01 RPi0

See this log

2017-03-02 RPi0 bis

Given RPi0 capabilities in terms of GPIOs - why not push it to 20Msps, 8 bits, for the cape?

2017-03-05 Grmbl netty

Netty isn't nice... but just got my article accepted by JOH !

2017-03-06 Further work

2017-03-12 DOIs for releases

  • While preparing the article, I've been invited to "save" of copy of the repo into Zenodo (see the backup. And I've got a nice Zenodo link!


  • Taking time on 20e214... still sucking at 20e214.
  • Waiting for the CA3306E to reach !

2017-03-19 Finish Doj

  • Working on Doj and releasing the KiCad definitive code - available on OSHPark.
  • PCB of the RPi0 high-speed ADC is ongoing !
  • Getting the last touches to the JOH article.

2017-03-20 Doj ... unfinished

  • Indeed. Forgot to add a ADC input directly from a strip, two strips for PulseOn and PulseOff, and a way to control the servo from the Pi.
  • Also starting the new season of the HackadayPrize =)
  • Still some issues with bomanz (on HAD) PCB. Some pads suck. I guess I'll order the board from OSHPark along with Doj's and solder all these tiny stuff. Not so many actually.

2017-03-21 Moving forward

2017-03-22 JOH ongoing !

2017-03-25 Studious week end

  • Some great discussion on use of doppler for heart issues, notes being here. Interesting DIY vintage doppler to do!
  • Put all the information on the Trove temporarly before uploading to the main repo.
  • Updated the Doj, Bomanz, and the CA3306E board. Ordered as well on OSHPark, finally!

2017-03-30 Peaceful for once

2017-04-04 Chinese probe SDK

2017-04-06 Purple

2017-04-12 Mounted boards!

2017-04-13 Error, that's hot

  • Tantalum capacitor: not in reverse! Never!! What are the odds that I put all 3 capacitors on 2 different boards all in reverse ?

2017-04-15 Capacitors connected

  • That's well and done. Shall be trying this week end!
  • Got 50$ bonus from OSHPark... yeay!!
  • Tweet proposed by "Cool, well if you want to release it as a product or anything then let us know and we'd be happy to help :-)" @PiSupply

2017-04-17 End of week end

2017-04-23 Playing with ADC

2017-04-30 Playing with ADC - v2

2017-05-05 Moving forward

  • Been testing new iteration of Tobo with new HV7360. Pulser works with the pulser control
  • Testing the pulser with the RPi Control.

2017-05-13 Some new stuff

  • PCBs for Doj V2 - see what it looks like are ordered
  • @done contact Sonopen / microsonix
  • Exploring Underwater Imaging Using a 1 × 16 CMUT Linear Array
  • @done add Felix, Will + Jp, Charles, Md+Afreen
  • @done add Visa, possibly Pouya and Thomas as contributors
  • @done map interested (green)
  • @done map users (blue)
  • @done add OSH license
  • @done start an order for pulsers
  • @done start a quickstart
  • 2E: 54+148.96 = 202.96
  • Different systems
  • LT todos:
    • Using an adapter for the motors control of the ATL probes
    • Using a 3 to 8 CMUT with a multiplexer =)
    • Adding a pulse control from the kernel module / driver for bomanz

2017-05-15 Interleaved on RPi.

  • Still about the RPi0 high-speed ADC : if I can't get above 10Msps due to a memory copy time, I may be able to double the speed by having 2 ADCs interleaved... it's to test!
  • Some answers for the CMUT stuff.. let's see if it's going somewhere !
  • ATL probes connectors are LEMO 18 or 19 pin.

2017-05-16 More todos.

  • Discussing with groupgets
  • Some guys forking the Kina repo =)

2017-05-19 Bomanz interleaved

2017-05-20 Working on ATL3

2017-05-22 Testing Doj v2

  • Got the PCBs and tested them. Yeayyy, they work! Slight hiccup with the ADC, nothing dramatic though =) Actually, two pins have a double use along with the ADC pins. Dumb me :p

2017-05-29 Testing Doj v2

  • Pushing some pics of the devkit 2.0 - note that this config allows pulse transmit. Pulse from the pulser, receiving through the analog front end.. and acquisition managed by the adc and raspberry.
  • Note to self: this config requires a "good" usb power supply. It succeded with a 5V 750mA power supply - but failed from USB.
  • @todo Add a documentation server
  • @todo Display IP on the OLED.

2017-06-09 Lots ongoing !

  • Got the boards for Bomanz v3 and SMD stuff
  • Sold some boards
  • @done Need to have a look at this RPI GPIO DMA - https://github.com/hzeller/rpi-gpio-dma-demo
  • @done Include some cletus remarks (sourcing) on gitbook
  • @cancelled convert all previous images to dicom
  • @done answer some questions online for RPI + ultrasound
  • @done add the at todos to the shopping list (see here ) by means of a grep -> temp file
  • @done Test YAML data on Markdown files (see contributors)

2017-06-11 Testing the ADC

2017-06-13 Getting into signal processing

2017-06-19 Finishing the RPi Doc

2017-06-22 Consolidating ideas

  • Hussain: I have 5MHz PZT with 10mm diameter and 0.4mm thickness . I made the backing and matching layers, also I used fluorosilicone rubber for acoustic lens.

2017-06-26 More interest

2017-07-01 More interest

  • @done Add contributor map to RPI doc
  • @done Add different images from acquisitions to RPI doc
  • @done Add the @kelu include("/include/AddUSSDK.md") function to makedoc --> use for the RPI doc (contributor, set costs, intro ... and readmore)
  • @done Complete the AddHistory with links for HAD
  • @done add benchmark to gitbook resources

2017-07-02 Testing the probe

  • Testing the counter for probe turns - see in the probe readme_.
  • Added the Pi article - support from Marc / Thomas ?

2017-07-05 China

  • Doing some analysis of the CN producers
  • @done Add PCBA
  • Back in touch with GroupGets
  • attiny84 (pinout): 12 pins:
    • Config 1
      • 2 pins pour communiquer avec le RPi (maybe only 1) to address the multiplexer. Send 4bits pour multi 1, Send 4bits pour multi 2 = 1 byte. Reception: 1 byte retour + que des 1. Cf here
      • 4 pins pour 1 multiplexer -> leds
      • 4 pins pour l'autre multiplexer -> leds
      • 1 pin pour DAC
    • Config 2
      • 2 pins pour communiquer
      • 4 pins pour les multiplexer
      • 2 pins pour les enablers
      • 1 pin for VGA :)
  • Maybe ATtiny2313 ?

2017-07-08 Doc 'n test

  • Received the cable for the probe
    • @done fill in probe if necessary -> need oil in it (see AMZ)
    • @done test probe with oil -> to redo
  • @done Test UHF probe
  • @done fill in /wordofcaution.md
  • @done integrate thomas remarks in RPi
  • @done update ppt_us with links all around
  • Templates
    • [ ] AddPitch.md.tpl
    • [x] @done Add TPL list
  • Nice patent : https://www.google.com/patents/US4246792

  • Updated the first draft of the alt.tbo

2017-07-09 ADC boosting

2017-07-14 ADC boosting

2017-07-15 Probe et al

2017-07-18 Further tests with servo

2017-07-21 News from Newcastle


  • @done remove gitbook MD files from the log
  • @done link to files in the log (python)
  • @done put back good ino for pulser
  • @done quickstart installs and tests (see Charles email)
  • @done finish the Word of Caution MD

2017-07-24 Where is IvanTch

2017-07-26 GitHub searches

  • hv7360 -user:kelu124 -org:ech open -org:echopenHQ
  • ad9273 -user:kelu124 -org:echopen -org:echopenHQ check for FPGA for probe..

2017-07-28 Thinking of an end

Got some amazing responses to the post on HN, held the 1st pos for an hour +, got over 200 ups, that's quite enough =) I guess I'm coming close to an end on this project, and my target would be to try and have a presentable project before Year 2. The five key milestones:

  1. Outreach: I have sold 10 kits so far, have ordered 5 sets more to a CN PCBA. Will sell those - and let people choose what they want when they'll want to play with those. I guess I'll have the community Milestone reached when someone provide a significant improvement / publishes thanks to this kit. Status: 50%. Bonus point if a unreached continent so far is involved.
    • ENDOFYEAR: 15 kits sold, CN not good, MF ongoing (20171217)
  2. Money: thanks to the small margin on kits, and hackaday prizes, i'm quite cash neutral as of today. Having the 5 kits sold would permit financing the acquisition of the unmantled CN probe. Status: 100% Bonus: trade the chinese probe on leboncoin / ebay. Status: 0%
    • ENDOFYEAR: still waiting (20171217)
  3. Product: I wanted to have a ultrasound hat done. I now have this ADC pHAT done, which can be perfected, but it's quite a win, so a simple 80V monopolar ultrasound board (independant from the motor / multiplexer) could be reached by Nov. Status: 0% Update: could be good to use the probe head to do a full portable probe =)
    • ENDOFYEAR: Ongoing with Matty (20171217)
  4. Documentation: There are a couple of notes here, I'd love to see all of those gathered / processed / put into a braindump. Gitbook is good enough, but lack structure for raw knowledge dump. TODOS include:
    • Listing all docs under YYYYMMDD
    • ENDOFYEAR: Quite happy, having added experiments (20171217)
  5. Future I'd be keen on having a 8 to 16 elements module prepared, just so to prepare the next gen and passing over of the project. Jan and Ivan to support. Status: 0% Muxing using ATTINY85 ?
    • ENDOFYEAR: Shifting to chaotic masks ;) (20171217)

Nice to have:

  • A slack bot? It would be fun to have a supporting bot to answer queries, like "where are the elements benchmarked, how do you process dicom, ..."

2017-08-05 Moving forward towards the board

  • Added something about the S3 probe

  • @done Adding the descs for modules and power needs

  • @done Removing double Autogen tags
  • @done Main readme as TPL
  • @cancelled DICOM rest of images

  • @todo test some compressed sensing using golay codes on a single element piezo

2017-08-14 Zach

2017-08-17 Some RPi code

Working to get a transducer schema?

Documenting pictures:

2017-08-21 Remaining time

Got 3 months left (see 28/7), let's do... a MASTER TODO !

  • Test board
    • Get DSO by 10/9
    • Get signals by 30/9
    • See ICs and get a summary by end of oct.
  • CNFab
    • Get maps
    • Send maps
    • Receive alt.tbo and lite.gobs by 15/9
    • Test those
    • Put them on tindie with ADC pHATs
  • Gob
    • Start order with EF
    • Benchmark UF
  • atl.tobo.cheap
    • 31/8: Start design
    • 10/9: Get it to MF
    • 10/10: get it and Test before 20/10
  • Single board
    • Get alt.tbo.cheap tested
    • Start design by 10/10
    • Get sent to macrofab by 25/10
    • Receive board by 25/11

More Raspberry Pi Zero notes

2017-08-24 Some more ideas

2017-08-28 Not much time

  • not much time, but let's see. The board design is making progress.
    • Basically, need to review the pinout for the RPi Header
  • Got the DSO, will do some tests
  • Will start investigating a minima with the tobo.alt design
  • Image tagging with http://tilloy.net/dev/pyexiv2/tutorial.html

2017-09-02 Making the images better

  • Adding metadata to the images
  • explore:
    • ImageDescription

2017-09-09 Playing with the probe

  • Been starting the probe teardown page
    • Checking the pulses
    • Motor control?
  • Finetuning the img metadata
  • Need to plan for the oneboard design

2017-09-15 Slow progress

  • Need to make some progress on Uniboard
  • Some feedback from Marc, and Felix supposed to come to Paris !
  • Trying to master the probe counter
  • Need to have a script to edit Images tag
  • Fab is making progress on tobo.alt and goblins, gobs form EF coming too!
  • Challenge issued to boost GPIO read speed. 12Msps so far on the RPi0 so far ... x2 with the ADC cape, how fast can it reach?

2017-09-17 Progressing on autodoc

  • Adding experiments to the docs
  • @done adding the experiments for within the MD files
  • @done create files for experiments in include (eg in /include/experiments/ ) (using ListOfExperiment )
  • Opened a bit more of the S3 probe
  • Ordered some JST for the probe

2017-09-29 Moving forward with tests

  • @fail test s3 outputs w/ JST - and good trigs on DSO203
  • @done feed s3 in 5V in motor w/ JST -> fail
  • @done Test Gob
    • Relancer le fab_cn ... error in its capa placement
  • done: test ADCs
  • done: test Pulser

2017-09-30 Some experiment

2017-10-06 Articles on the way

2017-10-21 Holidays soon off

2017-10-23 Back to work again

  • @canceled senjak CAP1188 for touch ?
  • LightProbe: A 64-channel programmable ultrasound transducer head with an integrated front-end and a 26.4 Gb/s optical link 10.1109/ISCAS.2017.8050300
  • https://doi.org/10.1166/jmihi.2017.2220 FPGA Implementation of Speckle Noise Removal in Real Time Medical Images

2017-10-27 Back to FPGAs this time

2017-10-28 News from ther modules and pulser

Sometimes a kernel modules allows setting a parameter at run time. In this case you'll find the parameter under /sys/module/modulename/parameters/, with writable file permissions. The debug parameter of the ambassador module is an example of such a parameter. Set a value to this parameter with a simple echo command:

echo -n 1 > /sys/module/ambassador/parameters/debug

2017-10-29 What next now

Great topic: good feedback from users!

Another topic, got 1 month left before 25/10 (2 full years!), let's update the MASTER TODO !

  • CNFab
    • Get updated goblins
    • Put them on tindie with ADC pHATs
  • atl.tobo.cheap
    • Review reason for pulser issues -- possible D2 issue
    • Start macrofab bis.tbo after feedback on D2
  • ADC board (cancelled as of 20180401 - gone directly to final board)
    • Trying a 50Msps board.
    • Design start on Nov 1st
    • Order by Nov 20th
    • Receive by December
    • Final tests in Jan
  • Single board (final)
    • Design start on Nov 1st
    • Design produced by
    • Order by Nov 20th
    • Receive board by December
    • Test by Jan

2017-11-02 Nice application

2017-11-04 Checking shopping

2017-11-09 a bit of thoughts on fpga

2017-11-11 fpga need to move now


  • Open-source: ICE40 & RPi
  • Perfs: SRAM + HX4K at least: IceZero ? Take the design, throw in 8Mb instead of 4Mb
    • IceZero board design can be reused
  • Silkscreening:
    • Keeping a clear markup of the different functions
  • ADC: 10 bit, 65Msps
    • 10 bits measures (or pseudo-12 with decimation ? by x3)
    • 6 bits remaining by acq: 2 top tour, Pon, Poff, 2 IOs
  • Interact
    • 2 buttons
      • Manual Trig
      • Select mode
    • 4 LEDs
      • Single mode
      • Loop mode
      • Acq (ready: on, data in: flashing)
  • Modes:
    • Single capture
      • 200us long captures at 65Msps : 208kbits
      • Capacity of close to 35+ captures if needed in RAM
    • Loop
      • 130us acq at 24 Msps over 16 bits: 57.6 kbits
      • That's more than 130 lines over a 8000000 bit SRAM
  • Transfer back to RPi through SPI
  • Variables (to be stored as a header of the file sent back)
    • Pon length
    • Poff length
    • Tdelay length
    • Tacq
    • RT -- repetition time
    • N acq -- number of acquisition
    • Implicit:
      • ADC bits used
      • Mode (loop or single)
  • Expose:
    • i2c: min. a OLED screen space kept on board
    • Gain Output
    • Logic (bidirectionally buffered): Trig, Pon, Poff, 2 top tours, 2 extra IOs
    • mini USB for power on
    • 5V and GND pads


  • is Kretz VSW3-5 linear ?
  • same for SW4/5B ?

  • S-VDW5-8B for parts ? endoprobe

2017-11-12 fpga go

2017-11-18 more veille on fpga

2017-11-20 Some electronics pulser and IMN

2017-11-24 IMN at home

2017-11-28 Matty-Senjak board

  • Two-year anniversary - FPGA yeay !*

  • Done on experiments!

2017-12-01 New stuff

  • After realizing at BiVi that US-SPI is simple... try new HV sources?

2017-12-03 Ongoing up

2017-12-05 News on MacroFab

2017-12-07 Updates again

2017-12-11 Is maturity here

2017-12-16 Chaotic good

2017-12-17 Kipple

2017-12-27 eink and such

2018-01-14 Happy new year

And stuff! Some good todos for this year:

  • @done added experiment from Felix
  • @ongoing better experiments scanning
  • @done readding description into experiment files
  • @todo a page sumarizing the experiments (as in the Experiments page in the gitbook)

Also working on a compilation of best open source projects using ultrasounds -- https://github.com/kelu124/openultrasoundprojects or https://kelu124.github.io/openultrasoundprojects/

Add some fun playing with ultrasound in public spaces

Also expecting delivery of a matty-senjak board soon =) Will defintely need to find a name

2018-01-15 Senjak and stuff

Still getting trouble getting a good name for Senjak, Matty... UnAurIce ? for 1Auris + ice 40 ? Anyhow...

2018-01-28 Updating Senjak

2018-02-01 Un0rick clock oki

  • Clock is soldered again!

2018-02-02 Flashing Un0rick oki

  • Done! With the code, it works. I just need to rmmod ftdi_sio and usbserial =)

2018-02-03 Un0rick and RPi

  • Still some issues having SPI work.. let's try through RPi. Been adding the the jupyter to the board.
  • Why not have the CS0 on IO4, taht's

2018-02-13 Un0rick moving good

  • work making progress -- DAC working for the gain, Pon and Poff work, setting up the registers work..
  • Need to get something else than 0xAA on reading though =)
  • un0rick.cc booked -- will be home page / gh-page.
  • @done un0rick site to have plenty of stuff
    • shop for stuff (or paypal ?)
    • doc for documentation (from a gitbook)
      • Generated from echomods
      • includes list of datasets
      • includes article
    • data for datasets
    • git links to github
      • gh-page is homepage
        • Just a landing page
      • main is code for fpga / rpi
      • to contain article
      • to contain key doc (generated from echomods?) which will generate gitbook (or contains)
      • all of this in a self contained PDF containing
        • pitch
        • scientific article
        • poc-style
        • some goodies
  • BTW, un0rick light could be good! (UP5K, HV7361+MD0100!, no RAM, just pulser, few buttons, ... :) ) -- to be discussed / price checked.

2018-02-18 un0rick deadend

https://kelu124.gitbooks.io/echomods/content/Chapter3/matty.html Nothing works yet on the MOSI line... strange to read those. Version from 11/02 works still. To be explored!

2018-02-25 un0rick moving again good

  • Getting first images ! Yeayyy =)
  • So now, getting to:
    • @done Create matty module
    • @done Publish first drafts on un0rick GH / GH-pages / gitbook
    • @done create un0rick page on echomods gitbook
  • @done create v2 release once gob.v2 and corrected/working alt.tbo v2 are ready.

2018-02-27 progress on the ice40 board

2018-02-28 Documentation and comparisons

  • @done compare old pulser for matty readme
  • @done automating finding readmes of experiments

2018-03-05 Going to rick

2018-03-06 Going to Rick

2018-03-08 Cleaning repos

  • Release v1.9: echOmods : legacy release
    • clean broken links
  • Release v2!
    • @done Script to check IMGs URL matches path
    • @done reorganise
      • keep v2s of elmo, gob, elmo, alt.tbo
      • remove others in
      • gitbook -> Have a "Legacy" chapter
      • Quickstart : replace pulser by alt.tbo
      • Readme actuel becomes Readme_legacy.md
    • Experiment summary
      • List all experiments in Summary
      • Create summary page
    • Create Full Biblio.md
  • un0rick.cc up and running! Gitbook as well as data, doc branches are up too.
  • OSHWA too !

2018-03-10 Documentation to come

2018-03-14 Phantom ideas to get

polymeric materials include neoprene, ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) and polyurethane rubbers

ice40 again at https://www.element14.com/community/thread/43876/l/project-icestorm-fully-open-source-fpga-tools-for-lattice-ice40?displayFullThread=true

2018-03-16 Bard probe 1

  • Worked on a bard probe with matty
  • An interesting patent is here -- found working on the patent parsin' graph tool
    • The more I glance at it, the more fascinated I become...
    • There is no motor! Just electromagnets =)
      • Then no need for a stepper motor
      • it may be the case that
    • The signal coming back is an already processed signal!
      • It means the pulse should come from another part of the board... ie another pair of cables.
        • Black and white? -> 5 ohm between this pair.. why not?
      • What about the other logics?
  • Next steps: trying and get the reference manual
  • Get full echographs boxes on ebay =)
    • Plug plugs on headers while running

2018-03-20 Updates

  • Getting a Bard Site Rite III in the mail soon ? ;)
  • Probable supplier for mechanical probe in the pipe too !

2018-03-21 FPGA tools

2018-04-01 back from marrakech

2018-04-07 Other dentist thoughts

  • @done add dp location
  • @done listing experiments of others
  • getting things straight with MacroFab

2018-04-08 Documentation process

TODO reclean full repo one gob2 and lit.tbo are tested

  • @done before reclean full repo, create release "Full Dev Resources" and get corresponding version (v1.9 + hash)!
    • @cancelled : Add Full GitBook PDF to it before
  • @done Sort the list of experiments, shortnames in SUMMARY
  • @todo Community: list the contributors in a page + add the experiment. Individual page to point to experiment.
  • @done Page on documentation
  • @done Edit history page to add Matty.
  • @todo Rewrite the Chapters Readme -> "This chapter is dedicated to the brain_dumps "
  • @done Do a Doj (LOW PRIORITY)
  • @done Redo a usable alt.tbo (LOW PRIORITY)
  • @done Clean Modules list (keep lite.tbo, goblin, cletus, doj, elmo, matty) + add "CNprobe"
    • @cancelled Make 7 clean QuickStarts for remaining modules // copy them on Tindie.
    • @cancelled Get "ShortNames" in JSON
  • @done Put alt.tbo, tobo, loftus, tomtom, croaker, retroATL3 and wirephantom in retired modules + add "PU3090" phantoms in retired
  • @cancelled Remove sets in doc
  • @done Remake homepage in autodoc
  • @cancelled Clean obsolete versions in repos

2018-04-15 Documentation process

  • Testing goblin, then goblin + lite.pulser here
  • Testing new modules for ADC, lite.pulser, goblin here

2018-04-28 Back in the game

2018-05-01 HN number two

  • New people on the slack!

2018-05-06 news from shenzen

2018-05-10 Mojitos

  • After a couple of mojitos a couple of days back, the new un0rick board came out! Can't wait to test it.
  • Recommendation of Hurricane for piezos. Let's find out.
  • Need to improve the doc for un0rick

2018-05-11 A new article on the way

2018-06-11 un0rick working

  • Seems the un0rick bugged because of a reset control
    • TC1270ALVRCTR etait le mauvais composant, il fallait un TC1270ATVRCTR . Le niveau n'etait pas le bon.
  • Working version is here - version e.

2018-05-16 improving format system

2018-06-16 improving format system

2018-06-24 Slowing down hu

2018-06-25 Or not

2018-06-26 Random SDR

2018-07-03 un0led

2018-07-05 latex

2018-07-21 TGC calibration

2018-07-21 Contacts

  • @todo try and get to artsens

2018-08-05 Phase II

  • Nine Chains to the Moon
  • Pile of notebooks on the desk & Cleaning flat
  • Making progress with benchmarks

2018-08-06 pyUn0 lib

2018-08-11 Other probes

2018-08-12 A nice toshiba teardown

2018-08-14 128Msps and beyond

  • Breaking the 128Msps wall
  • Improving the lib, removing some glitches
  • remains a glitch being the number of cycles below 8 bits !

2018-08-19 Some hv design

  • Proposed by Tomek: use a HV9110. " Ref is High Voltage DC/DC Converter for Supertex Ultrasound Transmitter Demoboards"

2018-08-20 Some shopping

2018-08-20 Got 724A

  • Trying to get some connectors
  • Some intel make me think that's a duplex probe for MK300, MK450 or MK600. Preliminary tests show a stepper motor.

2018-08-23 Updated workplan

  • Wait for ATL plug
  • Get VHDL code
  • Push updated code, including
  • Test probes
  • identify motor + compteurs

2018-08-26 New Matty v1.1

  • Got a v1.1 firmware out, for 0 < nCycles < 0xFFFF
  • Reviewed Readme
  • Progress on the article
  • Got a 2GB image fully valid for RPi. Python: Jupyter, Scipy, Numpy, .. all gets on.
  • Added some utilities to flash directly the flash.
  • Updated history and process details.

2018-08-27 Adding iceprog

  • iceprog mybin.bin works well to flash on the un0rick. just plug in the cable, put a jumper on the RPi/FT header, then iceprog mybin and voila =)

2018-09-12 Desperatly at work

2018-09-16 Most secure password

2018-09-18 Teardowns

2018-09-30 Teardowns

2018-10-06 pHATrick

2018-10-14 RPi SPI speed

2018-10-28 some ultrasound tests

2018-11-25 back from family holiday

2018-12-10 slowing down

2018-12-17 Some gadgets

auto lo usb0 allow-hotplug usb0 iface usb0 inet static address netmask network

Bbox-089C716D // mimite2000

  • 777 commits!

  • Tracing table

  • New image to come for "goblin", ethernet gadget, vnc enabled, ssh, and others

2018-12-16 UNICODE someone

2018-12-16 some Fpga stuff

  • Some bins
    • fa6a7560ade6d6b1149b6e78e0de051f /home/kelu/ultrasound/un0rick/software/MATTY.bin
    • 4c4c1476fe43503b2a32ca39a59b3c51 /home/kelu/ultrasound/echomods/matty/v1.1/MATTY_v1.1a.bin
    • dc9ece10627d97eec40cbe3ed872cf39 /home/kelu/ultrasound/echomods/matty/v1.1/MATTY_V1.1b.bin
    • 7cbf3d11454ae62d70a5aa8264d74bae /home/kelu/ultrasound/echomods/matty/v1.01/MATTY_un0rick_20180826.bin
    • 49ed003fae3a312590fe99a2fa90392c /home/kelu/ultrasound/echomods/matty/v0.1/MATTY_Proto_v0.1.bin

2019-01-02 Happy new year

2019-01-04 work again

2019-01-05 Manual for boards

  • Reworked documentation
  • REtromanual Basic

2019-01-12 NDT and others

2019-01-08 Awesome readmes

2019-02-08 Moocs to follow

2019-02-13 Elementary Basic as Chronicled by John H Watson

2019-02-15 Moar piezos

2019-02-17 lit3rick interfacing

2019-02-24 Rework on todos

2019-02-26 First bin on up5k

2019-02-27 IP and IA

  • Search for: neural networks "derivative works" of datasets
  • Lex Fridman on Twitter: If a neural network generates an image, who owns the copyright? The owner of the dataset that the net was trained on? The designer of the network architecture? The person running the code? Or... the AI system itself?
  • @todo echomods: Rewrite landing page echomods
  • @todo include on echomods readme : Support paragraph as in https://github.com/pi-hole/pi-hole

2019-03-18 Random stuff

Other pages under /include/worklog/

  • Source articles : @article
  • Other articles ? Add all sentences with hastag, remove it + link, strip, add.
  • Source bibliographie from biblio

2019-03-19 Random stuff II

2019-03-24 Still need to work more

  • @todo first shots with lit3rick
  • @todo harmonize between lit3rick, pHATrick, minie, minny
  • @todo receive lomos and test for NDTs

2019-04-07 Beginning of port to lit3rick

2019-04-03 Time flies

2019-06-11 Looooong time

2019-06-11 Air Quality rants




AA rechargeable ?

Battery sensing: https://github.com/rlogiacco/BatterySense + a p-channel MOSFET Q1, a PNP transistor Q2

2019-06-15 VGA and k210

2019-08-30 FFT and ice40

2019-10-26 Some lit3 progress

  • Good progress, stupid capa was in the way on ADC clock. Now acquisitions seem more okay:
  • @todos updates on new pHAT
    • remove this capa, remove i2c pullups for the thermometers (that was cost 5$ ! :/ )
    • connecter le ice40 au i2c rpi
    • pouvoir connecter des ios sur l'uart du rpi
    • router les gpio daughter existantes plutôt sur les pins pcm du rpi pour un jour essayer de sortir des données en i2s (GPIO26, 20, 21, 18)
    • du coup, mettre possiblement les Pulse controls sur des GPIOs non spécifiques comme GPIO05, 06, 13, 19.
    • Niveau header RPi, on peut connecter les SPI_EXT MISO / CS du coup.
    • Use 5 first bytes of a read to store the bin number / board ID ?
  • Need to make progress on this RTL-SDR for ultrasound ;)
  • @todo find the right jekyll theme to leave gitbook

2019-10-27 Again lit3 progress

  • Dynamic DAC seems better - however some IOs are off.
  • CLosely here, and then some: hardware finetuning (TMP and ADC C at minimum)

2019-11-24 10km Paris Centre

2019-12-06 St Niklaus

  • lit3 received, doesn't burn. yet. icoprog can flash the flash. but fpga won't boot from it.
  • Connections seem OK
    • icebreaker-sch.pdf says the connections are fine
  • possibly need to make clean icoprog
  • or to swap IOs for programming, while
  • beware, for flash programming, SPI_SS needs to be kept floating high. Floating.
  • @todo keep an eye on "BRUEL KJAER ULTRASOUND" =)

2019-12-12 Article ongoing

  • The article for the conf is quite ready. Thanks to William, Carla, Jorge.
  • GE amongst my clients !
  • @todo analyse protoelectronics (cf Leonie) for short runs -- http://protoelectronique.com/

2019-12-14 US Badge

  • @todo a small US badge see [SAO DOOM]
    • 8x8 LED matrix + driver (max7219 // IS31FL3728 (1x8x8) / 31FL3736 pr 12x8, including breathing - QFN40 / IS31FL3731, 2x8x8, QFN28)
    • i2c simulated EEPROM
    • MEMS loudspeaker
    • US microphone
    • SAO 2x3 - V1.69bis standard
    • USB-C
    • FTDI
    • FLASH
    • UP5K
    • Breakout of remaining IOs + SPI / I2C
  • @todo PMODs US:
    • 2x8 : 10bits+1 ADC, MOSI, SCK, SS1, SS2, HILO (ADC, DAC TGC, HILO, ..) based on AD8332
    • 1x8 Trig, HVP, HVN, PDAMP, i2c, i2c, EN, IO

2019-12-17 Holidays planning

  • @todo use the driver
    • test on several probes
    • get driver from aniss
  • test with BLDC on some probes
  • @todo redo probes sheets
    • Have all in one sheets
    • teardown subpart
    • experiment subpart
    • others ?
  • Thinking of the un0rick website.. have subdomains like experiments, probes, ... for general aspects from echomods ?
  • @todo redo the geography part.. using geopandas ?

2019-12-31 Last of the year

Ultrasound stuff



2020-01-11 Silent is back

2020-01-12 Yeay on vit3lite

2020-01-18 MF and short

2020-01-26 Streamlit fun

2020-02-15 Nothing new

Having fun with StyleGans


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