Shopping list

Here's a couple of things we're working on, for which you could help as well.

  • Boosting the 6Msps croaker acquisition (see Wayne?) to the full 6Msps

Todos from Modules

Todos from worklog

  • add Visa, possibly Pouya and Thomas as contributors
  • map interested (green)
  • Add a documentation server
  • Display IP on the OLED.
  • Need to have a look at this RPI GPIO DMA -
  • Include some cletus remarks (sourcing) on gitbook
  • add some ideas for the pulser to the alt.pulser board
  • remove gitbook MD files from the log
  • link to files in the log (python)
  • Main readme as TPL
  • test some compressed sensing using golay codes on a single element piezo
  • senjak 15:07 In Which a PDF is a Git Repository Containing its own Latex Source and a Copy of Itself --
  • 20171111a and 20171112b Readmes
  • impedance matching -- see more -- Butterworth-Van-Dyke or here. Tuning Filter.
  • list other initiatives
  • classifier articles with link Article: =)
  • a page sumarizing the experiments (as in the Experiments page in the gitbook)
  • Brainstorm for @senjak information design:
  • un0rick site to have plenty of stuff
    • Publish first drafts on un0rick GH / GH-pages / gitbook
  • create v2 release once gob.v2 and corrected/working alt.tbo v2 are ready.
  • use General Design Procedure for Free and Open-Source Hardware for Scientific Equipment as a reference
  • compare old pulser (pulser) and new acs for matty readme
  • clean all repos for a v2 release of modules
    • decrypt the connector =)
    • Script to check IMGs URL matches path
    • reorganise Loved Nasa: add to un0rick
  • change path of images when they have changed
  • Create detailed pages for the community in the gitbook
  • Create detailed pages for each probe I've played with in the gitbook
  • add dp location
  • listing experiments of others
  • before reclean full repo, create release "Full Dev Resources" and get corresponding version (v1.9 + hash)!
    • : Add Full GitBook PDF to it before
  • Sort the list of experiments, shortnames in SUMMARY
  • Community: list the contributors in a page + add the experiment. Individual page to point to experiment.
  • Page on documentation
  • Edit history page to add Matty.
  • Rewrite the Chapters Readme -> "This chapter is dedicated to the brain_dumps "
  • Do a Doj (LOW PRIORITY)
  • Redo a usable alt.tbo (LOW PRIORITY)
  • Clean Modules list (keep lite.tbo, goblin, cletus, doj, elmo, matty) + add "CNprobe"
    • Make 7 clean QuickStarts for remaining modules // copy them on Tindie.
    • Get "ShortNames" in JSON
  • Put alt.tbo, tobo, loftus, tomtom, croaker, retroATL3 and wirephantom in retired modules + add "PU3090" phantoms in retired
  • Remove sets in doc
  • Remake homepage in autodoc
  • Clean obsolete versions in repos
  • contact the author !
  • Resume work on article - Draft is here
  • contact the guys from (check their prices)
  • add Anna and Matthew to users list

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