Shopping list

Here's a couple of things we're working on, for which you could help as well.

  • Boosting the 6Msps croaker acquisition (see Wayne?) to the full 6Msps

Todos from Modules

  • Remove the jitter (see image in Rdme) (in cletus)
  • Include notes (in cletus)
  • Save images as DICOMs (in tomtom)
  • Replace the work done by OneEye by Croaker - that is, pulse control. (in croaker)
  • Get better total ADC speed with an iterleaved move (in croaker)
  • Develop a Cletus+Croaker way of working with a gyroscope+accelerometer. (in croaker)
  • Have Croaker generate its own AP (in croaker)
  • TBD (in loftus)

Todos from worklog

  • 6Msps on the STM32
  • dig into CMOS Ultrasound Transceiver Chip for High-Resolution Ultrasonic Imaging Systems.
  • add Visa, possibly Pouya and Thomas as contributors
  • map interested (green)
  • Add a documentation server
  • Display IP on the OLED.
  • Need to have a look at this RPI GPIO DMA -
  • Include some cletus remarks (sourcing) on gitbook
  • convert all previous images to dicom
  • put probe on the setup
  • set the gain on the AFE using Doj v1.2
  • use the GetSuppliersList function to list equipment suppliers
  • Add PCBA
  • Test UHF probe
  • board pulser + processing + ADC for RPi
  • add some ideas for the pulser to the alt.pulser board
  • get orders from Sam CN.
  • remove gitbook MD files from the log
  • link to files in the log (python)
  • Main readme as TPL
  • DICOM rest of images
  • test some compressed sensing using golay codes on a single element piezo

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