Shopping list

Here's a couple of things we're working on, for which you could help as well.

  • Boosting the 6Msps croaker acquisition (see Wayne?) to the full 6Msps


  • Get one V1.0 board
  • Get one V1.1 board (with winbond :p)
  • Test new HDL code
  • Test david 1.1 code
  • Buy headers for VGA (??)
  • Do logo
  • Do sticker
  • Do mini matty
  • Do QR code to doc
  • PayMeACoffee button
  • other readme buttons
  • improve readme (and delete home page?)


Todos from Modules

Todos from worklog

  • Add a documentation server
  • Display IP on the OLED.
  • test some compressed sensing using golay codes on a single element piezo
  • senjak 15:07 In Which a PDF is a Git Repository Containing its own Latex Source and a Copy of Itself --
  • classifier articles with link Article: =)
  • a page sumarizing the experiments (as in the Experiments page in the gitbook)
  • use General Design Procedure for Free and Open-Source Hardware for Scientific Equipment as a reference
  • Loved Nasa: add to un0rick
  • Community: list the contributors in a page + add the experiment. Individual page to point to experiment.
  • Rewrite the Chapters Readme -> "This chapter is dedicated to the brain_dumps "
  • contact the author !
  • contact the guys from (check their prices)
  • add Anna and Matthew to users list
  • Add new un0rick code, and documentation (both FPGA side, FPGA SPI level, Python)
  • article un0rick article and pics
    • add the MSAS principles to the un0rick article
  • try and get to artsens
  • ebay Follow up Having a go on babay at a "ATL 720A", and two unspecified 5 and 10MHz probes.
    • ebay followup on 720, 724, AUSONICS
    • document ATL Apogee Ultrasound, ATL ADR 5.5 MHz / 7 mm
  • get in touch with this teardown :
  • ebay Followup on the DIASONICS C PROBE FREQUENCY 10 MHZ P/N 100-1071-00 S/N 1466
    • use MAX5025 to test a HV runner ?
  • Check for un0rick github badges (counter, pypi overag, doi zenodo, ... )
  • do a un0pHAT - HV7360 or using HV7361 (price: 7$ -- see HV7361 Typical Application Circuit on datasheet -- vs 2x (1.87 + 1.68)+1.5 with MD1210K6-G, and MD0100 TC6320TG, grand total of 8.6$ )
  • better readmes for un0rick --
  • push a python lib for un0rick
  • 8bit art for icons and todos
  • source a Bion PSI-400
    • try matty on a apogee5MHz once opened
    • try matty on a ausonics75 once opened
    • try matty on a 724A with connectors

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