Tobo: the HV-pulser

What does it look like?


What is it supposed to do?

The aim of this echOmod is to get the HV Pulse done.

How does it work: block diagram

Block schema

  • ITF-9_Pon->HV7360
  • ITF-10_Poff->HV7360
  • ITF-2_VDD_5V->R05-100B->HV7360->ITF-mET_Transducer
  • ITF-mET_Transducer->ITF-mET_SMA
  • ITF-mET_Transducer->ITF-18_Raw

About the module


  • Only needs 5V and 3.3V
  • Energy use : TODO
  • Using any logic voltage for PulseOn and PulseOff is a pplus
  • Can use the potentiometer to control the tension
  • Modularity through jumpers and SMA


  • Takes a lot of space because of the modularity. SMA, jumpers and pots could be removed.

  • Little flexibility from the use of ICs.

  • There's no impedance matching for the pulser to the transducer, could be better.

Constraint and limits

The pulser-control

Output signal

With and without a pulser - no impedance adaptation

Look of the schematics

and a link to it (plus some bonus with the map).

Source files include Altium and KiCad - along with the BOM.

Look of the actual board

Availability of HV7360

  • Some issues with the availability of the HV7360, living its end of life. The latest version of Altium and Kicad source files should show the new HV7360 CABGA.
  • However, this latest should be available officially in Jan 2017.

Setting up the module

Setup? Have a look at the quick start guide on how to prepare the pulser.

On the way towards a simpler board

The alt design (and the corresponding the schematics + BOM ).




  • Writing specs
  • HV7360 has been updated
  • Sending microcircuits to Edgeflex
  • Agreeing on the strips/tracks
  • Defining the ICs to use to pulse
  • Getting schematics
  • Publishing schematics
  • Receive the module
  • Test it with different transducers
  • Publish the sources in KiCAD


  • Sofian (for preparing the field with Murgen)

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