The acquisition heart of the echOmods

What does it look like?


What is it supposed to do?

The aim of this echOmod is to receive the signal and process it, then stream it over wifi.

How does it work: block diagram

Block schema

  • ITF-3_ENV->Feather WICED->WiFi
  • ITF-10_Poff->Feather WICED->ITF-mED-TFT-Screen
  • Feather WICED->WiFi->ITF-mEC-WiFi-UDP-Stream

About the module


  • Building on an existing STM32, compatible with the Arduino IDE


  • ADC is tough to master

Constraint and limits

Some images

They can be found here.

They have been acquired with nc -lu 5005 to listen to data coming from UDP port 5005, then translated in images using the script, which creates the raw data files, ready to be processed, respecting the format, and scan converted using the script for a nearest neighbour scan conversion.

Locating the image

To find the IP of the board on your local network, you can type:

sudo nmap -sn

Boosting the ADC work

Getting to work with two onboard ADCs. Getting a relatively nice signal.


In a nutshell: getting roughly 12bits, 2Msps+ ADC acquisition and Wifi-streaming, on a powerbank. Read more here for the details on the STM32 work. Arduino code here, with details for setup.

Video is here.


Later on, in december, I got it work with a breadboard phantom

In images

In vs Out : in a nutshell

Out of the Croaker module

Following unprocessed signal,

After enveloppe detection



  • Replace the work done by OneEye by Croaker - that is, pulse control.
  • Get better total ADC speed with an iterleaved move
  • Develop a Cletus+Croaker way of working with a gyroscope+accelerometer.
  • Have Croaker generate its own AP


  • Choose the platform (BBB, RPi0, STM32, ... ?) : that'll be a Feather WICED for this iteration of Croaker
  • Getting some images
  • Getting images onto a screen
  • Getting good resolution images -- see the breadboard phantom


  • Kelu124

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