Counter going in:

  • 1st board: counter: 6 wires going out of counter, 6 feeding in LM339, 6 wires going out. LM339 is Quad Differential Comparators

  • 2nd board:

    • DM74S287AN: 1 green wire coming from ultrasound machine, 1 connected to LM339, 3 others from machine. Seems a schottky memory 256x4 1024-bit TTL PROM. The 4 pins on this side seem to go to Q0 to D3. Only Q3 is connected to green wire.
    • HEF4040BT: a 12-stage binary ripple counter. VDD from 3V to 5V. VDD is fed through the "salmon" wire. CP (Clock) is Wire4 (blue)


  • DM74S287AN stores the probe number / serial / ...
  • The LM339 plays with the sensor.


From the last image, data from the wires from the sensors

  • Blue -> 5V
  • White -> 2.2V
  • Yellow -> 3.6V


20ms of period, that's 50Hz, that could be 50 imgs per sec, or since the periods seem divided in three, maybe that's a full turn of the head, so 3 images.


The others are 28 to 30kHz, 30us/period. That's a period 1/600 of the period above. That can therefore be 600 lines / image, or rather




  • 9 et 10: motor (which one is the GND?)

  • 16 and 2: what are those?

  • 18 + 18
  • 17 GND

Next steps

  1. Power the motor
  2. Connect intelligence on 16 and 18
  3. Try powers around 17 and around

Possible encoders


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