Module: A high speed ADC for the RaspberryPi

The board in red:


What is it supposed to do?

I've always needed a small upgrade to the existing raspberry ADC extensions, would love something in the 20-Msps range. Let's see if one can do it! Never tried smd, and thinking of using both smd and dip.. interesting learning curve ahead.

I've tried 3 different versions, increasing in complexity

Image of these HATs

Some results

24 Msps with the latest version

Details and FFT of a signal at 1.9MHz

11 Msps with the previous

FFT of a signal at 1.9MHz

Testing a 1MHz signal with the CA3306

Imaging a 1MHz sine:



The echOmods project and its prototypes (so Bomanz) are open hardware, and working with open-hardware components.

Licensed under TAPR Open Hardware License (

Copyright Kelu124 ([email protected] ) 2015-2018

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