Software Readme (Bitscope Version)

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Some files

Some software

  • acquires the images, stores them in pairs of log files
  • creates the .data file from the log files
  • creates the .csv file from the log files
  • creates the .png files (Scan Conversion) using a nearest neighbour algorithm, from the .data files
  • creates the .png files (Scan Conversion) using the 4 nearest neighbours to determine the pixel value, from the .data files
  • TrinketProCode is the code for the Arduino Trinket Pro.
  • BatchImage is a shell script to automate the creation of images properly

Some files

  • The examples.tar.bz2 contains quite a lot of raw images, to be processed by . There should be around 200Mo of raw images packed in this 4Mo archive.
  • The examples repository, and its Readme, contains some raw images, along with a table, and the Specs) for the data format.
  • There's an additional folder for CSV images at examples

Installing BitScope

Setting up bitscope tools for Ubuntu, using BS05 (Bitscope Micro)

  1. Installation : install all deb/ .deb files (dpkg -i install_files/*.deb), starting with bitscope-link.
  2. Follow the instructions
 $ sudo unzip -d /usr/share/doc/bitscope-library/examples/python/
 $ cd /usr/share/doc/bitscope-library/examples/python/
 $ cd /usr/share/doc/bitscope-library/examples/python/python-bindings-2.0-DC01L/
 $ sudo python install

Compilation fails? To do that we discover that we should do this:

 $ sudo BASECFLAGS="" OPT="" CFLAGS="-O3" python install

This should work and you should see:

 $ python 
 Starting: Attempting to open one device...
  Library: 2.0 FE26B (Python DC01L)
     Link: USB:/dev/ttyUSB0
 BitScope: BS000501 (YK26VX18)
 Channels: 10 (2 analog + 8 logic)
  Capture: 12288 @ 40000000Hz = 0.000307s (LOGIC)
   Offset: +2.917V to -6.217V
      POD:  9.20V  5.20V  3.50V  1.10V
  Data(5): 1.725000, 1.725000, 1.760937, 1.760937, 1.725000
 Finished: Library closed, resources released.

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